Blogging is one of the most popular earning options on the web and as i browse the i have found this article and i think this could be useful for you out there who are new to blogging.

    * Make your name or brand visible
    * Connect with others in your business or interest
    * Reach out to the public about issues you’re passionate about
    * Express yourself
    * Update clients or an audience about projects you’re working on
    * Share your knowledge
    * Learn to write better
    * Share your life with people important to you
    * Connect with your fans or customers
    * Make money

and ofcourse how to write a blog, here is tip on how write a blog, its written by Dustin Wax and i hope it will be helpful for you !

# It’s short: Reading on the screen isn’t as enjoyable as reading on paper, so people tend to shy away from really long pieces. 2,000 words is long for a blog post; 1,000 words is a pretty good goal; short pieces of 300 words or so are perfectly acceptable.
# Paragraphs are shorter: Because you have to scroll a lot when reading on a screen, paragraphs tend to be shorter so a whole thought can fit in a browser window.
# Important points are highlighted: Online readers tend to skim through pieces, so web writers often put key points in bold type so their readers can easily pick out the crucial stuff.
# Bulleted lists are common: Bulleted lists are another way that skimmers are accommodated, making all the main points easily available.
# It contains links to other sites: Blogging tends to take advantage of the ability to link to toher work, either to offer up references (e.g. a link to a definition of a difficult word or concept on Wikipedia) or to continue conversations started elsewhere (e.g. a link to a post on another blog which you’re responding to).
# It’s conversational in tone: Blog writing tends to be a little more personal than most writing. What readers tend to respond to is the writer’s unique voice, their personality as expressed through their writing. That means you can use “I” and “you”, you can use slang, you can even swear if it fits your site’s purpose

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