Have you ever dream of having a job that is not STRESSFUL, HARD, LOW SALARY, AND NOT A BURDEN FOR YOU? going to the beach, relaxing. or even going to another country just for fun without thinking about your job, or your boss...if you have thought about that ....well, your're not alone...Me myself have all those dream floating on my mind years ago....dreams that I thought would not become a reality. ....until...........................

 let me ask you again, what do you think is the easiest money making job in the whole wide world? if you do have the answer please tell me by using the guess book just down below...but if you don't then try to consider this....


As far as I know the easiest job that a person could possible have which could generate money is through the WORLD WIDE WEB which is where you are right now! THE INTERNET! How? there's a lot to mention and i guess the whole page of this site is not enough for me to put it all. But i will mention some for you!

            Is one of the largest money making tools by GOOGLE, they pay you for exposing your site to people who has an interest in your topic. which means you needed to have your own website or blog in order for you to create an adsense account. but its easy, maybe you will stop reading but please do continue, maybe you dont know how to make a website or even you dont know what is an html, but dont worry the good thing about the web is that it makes all the work so easy that even though you dont have the diploma to do a thing that is required the web will help you generate your very own site... there are many options here, as i have mention earlier you need a can create your website or you can buy online, or you can use a free web hosting depends on you. make my explaination easier to read i will put it in numbers so here we go.

what you need in order to create an adsense ?
1. website
a. free (e.g. ning,yola etc)
b. buy online (yahoo, godaddy etc)
2.adsense account
you must register to google adsense
3. get the code
4. paste the code to your website

opps i forgot you must, read the TERM OF SERVICE CAREFULLY in order for you not be rejected, you must understand that GOOGLE is not a small company.

and here are the types of adsense you can choose from:
1. adsense for search
2. adsense for mobile content
3. for video
4. for feeds

and if you really want to make money from it you must take this advice:

1. choose a very good topic
2. update your site frenquently
3.find traffic to your site

Join with cha_jing as your referrer!
Join with cha_jing as your referrer! Join with cha_jing as your referrer! 

here is one way of promoting your blog and earning 100% of your share with adsense,

-the one thing that you have to do is register,

-write a blog or an article regarding your site,

-fill in the information needed then put your site's url then,

-invite your friends to view your blog or article,

-update it frequently

-and post more interesting things so that people will view your site.

thats it! and then off for earning!

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